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You may have seen them these past few Sundays, and we would like to formally introduce our two seminarians and our new interim director of music! Adrienne Cox, DMA We want to give a very warm welcome to Adrienne Cox as our interim Director of Music/Organist. She will no doubt be known to many of us here at Christ Church. We look forward to her musical contributions to our worship and our parish life. Adrienne Cox, trained as a pianist for much of

Sunday, September 19th: Now that we have made our way through Daniel, we are taking a few weeks to work our way through the Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer on pages 845-862, or available in PDF here. For our first week, we will focus on the sections ‘Human Nature,’ ‘God the Father,’ ‘The Old Covenant,’ and ‘The Ten Commandments.’ These initial sections will lay the groundwork for the following sections on Jesus, the Spirit, and the Christian life.

One hundred years ago Fr. Robertson wrote in "The Reminder" about the first twenty years of Christ Church: "It is the practice of the Catholic faith that has marked this parish for persecution, belittling, and yet for joy, triumph and an influence which we feel only Jesus knows in its fullness." Christ Church was able to keep going because of its practice of the Catholic faith and its joy in that faith.

Our upcoming feast days are:The Transfiguration, this Thursday the 5th at 6 pmThe Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Monday the 16th at 6 pmAnd St. Bartholomew, Tuesday the 24th, at 9 am. Our vestry meeting will be on August 22nd at 12 pm, via Zoom or in-person. Project Canterbury kicks off the school year with a cookout in the Christ Church parking lot, Sunday the 15th, from 5-7, and then begins having evening services on Sundays on the 22nd at 6

Many of you will be aware that with the arrival of the Delta variant of COVID-19 we have seen an increase in the number of cases in our area. The CDC and Hamilton County Health Department have now both recommended a return to wearing masks indoors for everyone regardless of whether they have received the vaccine. The safest option at this time for us will be a return to wearing masks indoors during our services. The altar party will be

Our Adult Education will be turning to the book of Daniel for the next few weeks. Daniel has some well-known stories in it with the lions' den and the writing on the wall. But many of us may not know very much about the contents and meaning of the book beyond these childhood stories especially as it is read on Sunday morning only once every three years. We will be trying to remedy this gap in our knowledge by reading

Beloved in Christ, I am writing to update you again about our precautions around COVID at Christ Church. Many of you have reached out to me to ask questions and to request changes to our current practice. The pace for these changes has been and will continue to be determined by a number of factors including safety concerns as well as what is practically possible for everyone involved. We are looking into the feasibility of starting some of our autumn programs

The Christian life does not happen just on Sunday. One of the joys of Anglo-Catholicism is that gives us a reason to gather together and to enjoy the means of grace throughout the week. To that end we will begin to celebrate some of the feasts of the Church during the week with the hope that these will form the basis for more regular midweek services in the fall. 6/24 - Feast of the Nativity of St. John the BaptistNoon said

Beloved in Christ, I am writing to inform you about changes to our safety guidelines that will be effective from the 30th of May. We will maintain our current guidelines for this Pentecost Sunday and make the change the following Sunday. Trinity Sunday will mark a turn to a new liturgical season and hopefully a new season of this pandemic. These new guidelines aim to keep us safe while allowing individuals to make decisions about what is comfortable for them for worship.