As with other aspects of 2020, our Stewardship campaign is a little different than in the past. In 2019 our theme was the vision we had for our church in the coming years. We were bold in our visions and with the challenges of the current year, we’ve had to be more creative than we ever anticipated to work towards those dreams for Christ Church and our community.

We may question what part stewardship plays in our lives at this time. One definition of stewardship is utilizing and managing all resources God provides for the glory of God and the betterment of His creation. We are stewards no matter the circumstances of the world.

In the midst of a pandemic, social unrest, and financial difficulties, we have continued to reach out to our members and our community. The vestry increased meeting frequency from monthly to at least twice per month. Most committees have continued to meet. We have moved to an online format, but are still having 10:30 Sunday service via Facebook and Adult Forum had met every Sunday at 9:30 through Google Hangouts.

We have recently welcomed Father Will, Allie, Teddy, and Tallulah who joined us October 1. Our church, through Outreach, has again provided uniforms to students and back to school supplies for teachers at Dalewood Middle School. We have sent money to tornado victims and financial support to the Bethlehem Center. We continue to support the Children’s Nutrition Project of Haiti, Metropolitan Ministries, and the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.

The window trims are being painted and the church is being readied for the day when we can all safely return to worship together, in person. We have appreciated any help you have been able to provide in the past and thank you in advance for pledging to support Christ Church in 2021.

For this 2021 Stewardship Campaign, we ask that you prayerfully consider increasing your pledge to better enable us to “Realize Our Dreams” in this exciting new era.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and continued deep love and loyalty.

the Stewardship Committee: Jennifer Holdaway, Michael Thompson, and Chip Caldwell

Ways to Pledge.

  • Pledge online.

    1. To pledge online, if you don’t have an account yet:
      1. Go to Christ Church website (you’re already here!)
      2. At the bottom right of the page, click “Online Directory
      3. Towards the bottom, click “Register Now
      4. Insert your email and create a password, then click “Register“.
      5. Go to your email and click the verification link and fill out your profile.

    2. Once the above is completed,
      or if you already have an account, follow the steps below:
      1. At the bottom right of this page, click “Online Directory“, and log in
      2. On the left sidebar, click “Giving” (note for vestry members: yours may be under the Community tab > Giving) or click here
      3. Click the button that says “+ Pledge” and enter the amount, the frequency,
        and make sure you select the 2021 General Fund campaign (not 2020).
      4. If you want to set up recurring auto-payments, you may click “Save & Set Up Online Gift.” Otherwise, click “Save Pledge” and you’ll be done.

  • Mail-in Pledge. On Friday, October 16, Pledge Cards were mailed to all parishioners.
  • Call the office with a confidential pledge at (423)-266-4263