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Welcome to Christ Church

An Anglo-Catholic Parish in Downtown Chattanooga

Sunday Service

COVID-19 Notice

We are offering live streams of services on our Facebook, Sundays at 10:30 AM, as well as in-person services at 8 am and 10:30 am. Details below.

At the 8 AM service, we will require that everyone in attendance remain masked throughout the service. Social distancing will be observed by all present. Communion will be received in one kind. This service is for those who are uncomfortable being in an environment where people are unmasked.

At the 10:30 AM service, as well as weekday services, we ask that you please wear a mask unless prevented by health concerns, as well as that social distancing be observed by all present. Communion will still be given in one kind. Folks who are vaccinated may participate in congregational singing.

Latest News

  • October at Christ Church

    It has been a great joy to see some folks start to attend our midweek masses. The masses have been a great opportunity to reconnect with some familiar faces and to meet new folks nearby to church during the week.

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  • New Faces Around Christ Church

    You may have seen them these past few Sundays, and we would like to formally introduce our two seminarians and our new interim director of music! Adrienne Cox, DMA We want to give a very warm welcome to Adrienne Cox as our interim Director of Music/Organist. She will no doubt be known to many of us here at Christ Church. We look forward to her musical contributions to our worship and our parish life. Adrienne Cox, trained as a pianist

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  • Adult Education Series: The Catechism

    Sunday, September 19th: Now that we have made our way through Daniel, we are taking a few weeks to work our way through the Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer on pages 845-862, or available in PDF here. For our first week, we will focus on the sections ‘Human Nature,’ ‘God the Father,’ ‘The Old Covenant,’ and ‘The Ten Commandments.’ These initial sections will lay the groundwork for the following sections on Jesus, the Spirit, and the Christian life.

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