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Welcome to Christ Church

An Anglo-Catholic Parish in Downtown Chattanooga

Sunday Service

COVID-19 Notice

We are offering live streams of services on our Facebook, Sundays at 10:30 AM, as well as in-person services at 8 am and 10:30 am. Details below.

At the 8 AM service, we will require that everyone in attendance remain masked throughout the service. Social distancing will be observed by all present. Communion will be received in one kind. This service is for those who are uncomfortable being in an environment where people are unmasked.

At the 10:30 AM service, as well as weekday services, we ask that you please wear a mask unless prevented by health concerns, as well as that social distancing be observed by all present. Communion will still be given in one kind. Folks who are vaccinated may participate in congregational singing.

  • Stewardship for 2022

    We have been together as priest and parish for a little over a year now. In many ways that past year has been anything other than normal. People oftentimes talk to me about that future coming day when things will be back to normal, when regular life will resume. I know what they mean, of course, but I just as often want to remind them that life has been going on at Christ Church despite everything going around us. The […]

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Latest News

  • Annual Meeting 2021

    The Christ Church Annual Meeting will be this Sunday, November 28th at 12 pm. We hope you will attend, either in-person or by Zoom. The Vestry Nominees are…

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  • November at Christ Church

    All Saints and All Souls mark a turning point in the year. Traditionally the Book of Common Prayer ceases to name Sundays as ‘after Trinity’ and now marks them as ‘before Advent.’ We are no longer looking back to Pentecost or to Trinity Sunday but, instead, we are looking forward to Advent, to Christmas, and the lengthening of days. The rest of the natural world we find in winter does not exactly translate into a time of rest within the life of the parish. We have our Annual Meeting, our Stewardship season, Confirmation classes, and the election of new Vestry members.

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  • Adult Education Series: The Catechism

    Sunday, September 19th: Now that we have made our way through Daniel, we are taking a few weeks to work our way through the Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer on pages 845-862, or available in PDF here. For our first week, we will focus on the sections ‘Human Nature,’ ‘God the Father,’ ‘The Old Covenant,’ and ‘The Ten Commandments.’ These initial sections will lay the groundwork for the following sections on Jesus, the Spirit, and the Christian life. […]

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