COVID Safety Precautions

Beloved in Christ,

With the expiration of the Hamilton County mask mandate and an increasing number of us receiving our vaccinations, I have received a number of questions about our current safety precautions for Sunday worship at Christ Church. We will continue to follow our existing safety precautions for the time being. Although many of us, myself included, may feel some fatigue from these precautions, they remain our best way to care for each other. We will of course continue to stream our services as well as make our formation and education offerings available through Zoom. These offerings will hopefully continue to allow everyone to participate in the life of the church in a safe and prudent way.

Our current safety precautions follow from those adopted a year ago by the Vestry and accord with the guidelines given by the CDC for large gatherings.

Registration: Those who attend worship services register for those services through our church website. We currently limit the number of spots to 10 people in the morning and 6 in the afternoon. The small number of people at worship allows us to gather without implementing a system of ushers that would require more people in the building.

Social Distancing: We maintain a distance of at least six feet between those who attend mass on a Sunday. Distancing has not been a problem for us given the small number of people attending mass.

Masks: The previously adopted Vestry guidelines require masks to be worn when entering the building, exiting the building, and coming forward to receive the eucharist. This requirement makes provision for people who are not able to wear a mask for medical reasons to attend worship while others remain masked.

These precautions attempt to provide a way for a limited number of people to gather together safely while trying to be inclusive of as many people as possible.

We will be reviewing these precautions and guidelines this summer as we look forward to our next season as a church community.

I know that sadly not everyone will be able to attend on a Sunday morning. I hope this review of our precautions will allow you to make an informed decision about the best time for you to return to worship. Please feel free to contact myself or our Senior Warden, Charlotte Boatwright, with any questions or concerns you have about these safety precautions.

–Fr. Will

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