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The Christ Church Reminder has returned! Please take a moment to look over our latest and first edition: Christ-Church-Reminder-1Download The Reminder will be produced four times a year to keep us up to date about the goings on in the parish. Please feel free to send any article ideas, announcements, or photos to Fr. Will to be included in future editions. We are happy to mail physical copies out as well. Please email or call Anna, our parish administrator, to let

Hello everyone! My name is Anna Olson and I am the parish administrator for Christ Church of Chattanooga. My working hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10 AM - 4 PM. Feel free to call or email me anytime within those hours (no funny business though). I would love feedback from anyone and everyone concerning the website and Exsultet. Here is a link to a google form to fill out some content suggestions or general ideas for the Exsultet and

Changing colors on the trees. Shorter days. Crisp mornings. Yes, autumn has arrived! This is my favorite season of the year. Walks in the woods, squash and pumpkin foods galore, life begins to take a pause as we approach All Saints and All Souls. This is a time of reflection on the greatness of God’s bounty. We also give thanks for all our gifts from the last year. In the calendar of the church, it can only mean that it’s

Greetings from the Vestry. This devoted group of individuals have been meeting regularly, and we have great news to share. The Invite, Welcome, Connect initiative is in full swing. You now see information cards in the narthex and greeters each Sunday. Recently you probably saw some familiar faces that have been away for a time simply because they were invited to worship with us. We continue to build these connections with our newcomers, those in the neighborhood, and longtime parishioners alike. Last

Our pews need attention! Our pews, like our church, have been in place for many years and are consequently showing wear and needing repairs and restoration. The cost per pew is approximately $1,000. Will you make a contribution to help with this project? If $1,000 is outside your budget limits, please make a smaller gift if you can. A plaque will be created and displayed at the church with names of all who contribute regardless of amount. Make your contribution to Christ Church