Adult Education Series: The Book of Daniel

Our Adult Education will be turning to the book of Daniel for the next few weeks. Daniel has some well-known stories in it with the lions’ den and the writing on the wall. But many of us may not know very much about the contents and meaning of the book beyond these childhood stories especially as it is read on Sunday morning only once every three years. We will be trying to remedy this gap in our knowledge by reading through the Book of Daniel to explore its emphasis on personal piety, revelatory visions, and political intrigue. Daniel shows us a number of case studies of people living in exile who must defy and negotiate with the culture around them. Hopefully, our look at Daniel will help us think about what it means to be faithful to God in strange times and in strange places.

For our first week on this topic (July 11th), Fr. Will will introduce Daniel to us. We will learn about its origin, composition, and main themes. We will then turn to discuss the first chapter of the book together.

For the second week (July 18th), covering chapter 2, we will get our first instance of Daniel’s ability to interpret strange signs and symbols through God’s help. Helpfully Daniel is able to do this reading of the signs in time to keep the king’s executioner at bay. While the king’s dream may seem a bit odd, we can find similar ideas and images in two of the hymns in our own hymnbook. In addition to reading Daniel chapter 2, please have a look at ‘The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended’ #24 and ‘Immortal, invisible, God only wise’ #423

For the third week (July 25th), we will cover chapter 3, which contains the famous fiery furnace as well as a long extended prayer of blessing and praise to God. We will discuss this chapter with some help from The Visual Commentary on Scripture available here: You will see three images of the trial in the furnace as well as commentary on the images and the reading by clicking the commentary button.

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