Adult Education Series: Justified by Her Children: Deeds of Courage Confronting A Tradition of Racism 

We are looking forward to regathering this upcoming Sunday after our break for Holy Week. We will be meeting on Zoom as well as in Fox Hall. Hopefully, the technology will cooperate enough for us to be able to come together in person and online.

In the upcoming weeks we will read Justified by Her Children: Deeds of Courage Confronting a Tradition of Racism by Roy G. Pollina. The book chronicles the journey of Christ Episcopal Church in Martinsville, Virginia as its priest and people clashed over racism in their town and in larger society.

Apr. 24th: For our first week, we will have a short reading to get us oriented to the larger work of the book. Please read the Introduction and Chapter 1 up to page 11. We will pick up the speed next week.

May 1st: This week, we will review Chapters 2 and 3. In these chapters we will learn a bit of background about Christ Episcopal Church in Martinsville, Virginia, about Fr. Pollina’s arrival as rector there, and about the beginnings of the story of a young rector who was there in the late 1950s who helped that parish negotiate issues that were affecting that church and the nation.

May 8th: We will be focusing on chapters 4 and 5, and reflecting on some of the history of Christ Episcopal Church in Martinsville, Virginia, the central setting for the book’s story, as well as the evidences of the cultural racism that existed there and in our nation as the book’s story begins in the late 1950s. Our grateful thanks are extended to Fr. Pollina for joining us in last week’s session.

May 15th: The discussion in this week’s Christ Church Adult Ed session will focus on chapters 6 and 7. As we review those chapters we will consider the preparations made for welcoming their new rector by Christ Episcopal Church in Martinsville, paying particular attention to the activities of Rev. Philip Gresham’s first Sunday there. We will also review some of the early relationship of the Episcopal Church to African-American parishes. These settings provide much interesting and provocative material for our discussion, both as historical events and as examples for our lives as we deal with many of these same issues today.

May 22nd: Our discussion in this week’s Adult Ed session will cover chapters 8 and 9. In these chapters we get a view of the beginnings of the compelling story at the heart of Fr. Pollina’s book. We learn of the actions taken at the annual meeting of the Diocese of Southwest Virginia to address the recent ruling by the U. S. Supreme Court that segregation in public schools was illegal, as well as the decision for the diocese to establish a Diocesan Camp and Conference Center while back in Martinsville the popularity of the new young rector is increasing among the youth of Martinsville and along the local public speaking circuit. You will surely want to be a part of our 9:15 Sunday morning discussion as we delve into the historical implications for 1950’s Christ Episcopal Church in Martinsville and into the lessons that offer continued value in current day East Tennessee.

Sunday mornings at 9:15, we meet in Fox Hall, or you can access our meeting online by any of the following methods:

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