August’s Collection Saturday

For the past couple of months, Outreach collected funds for school uniforms for 14 high-need students at CCSE. Christ Church is so generous! Thanks to you, we were able to buy the uniforms, and Jennifer Holdaway delivered them to the school a few weeks ago. The parents of these kids were overwhelmed, and so thankful. “I can’t believe a church would do this for me!” was the reaction of one of the mothers. Thank you for working with Outreach to make this happen. We are grateful every time you participate. And you’ve been amazing, helping to keep our own Porch Pantry stocked. We are not there to see who takes the food, but we are making a difference in our neighborhood!

Students will be returning to campus this month, and we expect that some of them will be visiting our pantry. We will not soon forget the young man who, on Fruit Day a couple of years ago, told us that he hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. 

For August, we’ll be collecting food for our Porch Pantry and toilet paper for MetMin. TP is one of those things that MetMin always needs. Any brand, any size–every bit helps. As for the pantry, we need the usual items: peanut butter, canned meat/chicken/fish, soups and stews, canned fruit. 

We plan to be in the Christ Church parking lot from 10-12 on Saturday, August 13, and hope to see you there!

Shopping List for August

For MetMin:

  • Toilet paper

For Christ Church’s Porch Pantry:

  • Pop-top stew or soup
  • Canned meats and beans (chicken and tuna are popular)
  • Single-serving canned fruit
  • Small jars of peanut butter