A Note from the Senior Warden

Changing colors on the trees. Shorter days. Crisp mornings. Yes, autumn has arrived! This is my favorite season of the year. Walks in the woods, squash and pumpkin foods galore, life begins to take a pause as we approach All Saints and All Souls. This is a time of reflection on the greatness of God’s bounty. We also give thanks for all our gifts from the last year. In the calendar of the church, it can only mean that it’s time to talk about stewardship.

Christ Church has never been a parish that will dwell relentlessly on stewardship; we do not court legacy donors, nor will we publish who has and who has not pledged in the weekly newsletter. What we do ask is to consider how fortunate we’ve been over the year and how we can give back. We have grown the altar party to include Project Canterbury students. We have resumed the Lay Eucharistic Visitor ministry. We now have a monthly potluck where we can break bread together. We meet in the narthex after the service to join in fellowship. We celebrated the Silver Anniversary of the amazing pipe organ with great gusto. While we continue to benefit from all these gifts, we do recognize we live in trying times. Our parish is not immune to the financial challenges that face many organizations including rising operational costs, deferred maintenance needs, and capital improvements. The clergy, staff, and vestry have all taken important steps to be excellent stewards of these resources, but we cannot do it without the help and generosity of our parishioners.

Reflecting on Biblical teachings, we are reminded of the principle of stewardship, which is a calling to joyfully manage and share the blessings we have received. We know that God’s love is made manifest by acts of individual generosity.

You will be hearing more about our Stewardship Campaign soon, but let’s all take a moment to reflect on how we may continue to be faithful stewards of this community and wonderful Church.

Troy Eichenberger